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Understanding the Basic Words and Terms of Online Poker

As anybody who has played poker will know, this is a game of tension and excitement. It can be fast paced or move at a slower speed, but either way, it’ll hold your attention. The same is true whether you’re playing on the kitchen table with friends or you prefer to play online.

Online poker has become phenomenally popular over the last ten years. There are all kinds of high profile, big money competitions, and tournaments around now. There are also thousands of virtual casinos, where you can play top online poker and have total control over how and where you place your money.

The Lingo

  • Ante – this is a bet placed before any of the cards are dealt.
  • Babies – cards with a small value.
  • Blind Bettie – when a bet is placed without glancing at your cards first. This is a bluff.
  • Bone – a common term for the round chips used in casinos.
  • Call – a verbal agreement to reciprocate the last bet.
  • Deadman’s Hand – two pairs of aces of eights.
  • Draw – removing cards from the deck while it’s still concealed in your hand
  • Full House – cards of identical value with pairs (for instance, two sixes and two aces).

The Objective

The aim of the game, whether it’s online poker gambling or play with real cards, is to win the cash by offering up the best classification hands. The game can be played with as few as two people, but it is better suited to 5-7 individuals. The more people are involved, the more difficult the game gets, and the bigger the prize pot grows.

As poker is quite an old game, there are lots of different varieties, each with their own slightly differing rules. If you are planning to play secure online poker, make sure that you read all of the rules carefully first. Don’t enter a game until you know what variation you’re playing or you may get caught out and lose money.

Some of the best online poker websites arrange their games so that players go up against all additional players. This is called a ‘reserved’ game. You can either bet against the additional players or against the casino itself (if you’re playing online or at a club). If you bet against the players, the gaming house materials the dealer and withdraws a fee from the prize fund (around 10%) in order to do this.