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How much to tip people in Las Vegas

A lot of people worry too much about this, and opinions will vary as to what the “norm” is, but the truth is Las Vegas workers get tips way more than regular people in normal cities do, and they get amounts from change to big bills, so you won’t hurt their feelings.

But there are so many factors. The guy that parked the car, the waiters, the dealers, the bartender, the bellman, and so on.

The Valet Parking Attendant – I usually tip $5.00 for each trip. He is taking care of your baby, you know? If you came by cab, they make their money already, but I give them $5-10 bucks, and I’ve never been griped at.

The Bellman – I usually give about $10 bucks, unless the whole family is along, then i give him $20.

Waitresses – I always go by the standard, around 15%, then I go up to 30% if they are incredible.

Maids – I would give between $5 and $10 a night, depending on how messy you are.

Dealers – It’s average to tip them $5 an hour, per player, and if you hit, it’s good practice to break them off something you feel good about.

Cab Drivers – Another good practice if you have to take a cab, so they don’t take you the long way around, is act like you’re low on cash. tell them that you need a very close quote, because all you have is $___ (However much they quoted on the call)

For Limousines – I tip like $40, it’s just the nature of the beast.

las-vegas-bestNevada has a minimum wage that the employees are guaranteed, and the cost of living there is not bad if you know what you are doing, so you don’t have to worry about it that much. For the most part just go with the flow, set a budget, and have your tipping money separate. I adjust to my surroundings, for instance I’ll tip the bellman $10, and then at the casinos, I try to tip under $5, because if you tip everybody $5 it adds up to fast. You are bound to run into someone at some point that would give you a look, or tell you something, and don’t sweat it. Just tell them, “Hey, I got to eat you know? I wish I could do more.